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Biocide treatment

Benz Softwash

The Cause of your property looking "dirty”


Your property has a cocktail of organic micro-organisms growing on its surface. This is the cause of it looking “Dirty”


What’s going to happen


The treatment we us is specialised Benz Soft wash Ltd cleaning products. These are government approved for the cleaning of exterior hard surfaces. The process is similar to eliminating block mould in bathrooms and sterilising baby bottles.


What we will do


Before applying cleaning products, we may pre and post drench all plant life with freshwater. 


We will apply the cleaning product with specialised equipment. We will be wearing appropriate “PPE” (Personal Protective Equipment) as a standard health and safety precaution. We may rinse the surface with fresh water during the course of treatment.



Keep children and animals away from the working area.

Either keep them inside with you or leave them in the care of a trusted person, until we have declared the area safe.


The cleaning effects you will notice


You will likely see an 80-95% improvement in the cleanliness of your property on the day of the treatment. The Benz soft wash product will continue to clean the surface over the coming months, gradually removing any remaining organic residue.


Sometimes depending on the method used and the local environment, you may not see much immediate improvement. But the treatment will have worked to sanitise your property, which will naturally become cleaner and cleaner over the coming weeks and months. A significant improvement will usually be seen within two weeks.


What you need to do


On the day of cleaning CLOSE ALL WINDOWS AND DOORS of your property and if you have vents please ensure these are closed too. This is a standard precaution to ensure rinse water does not enter the inside of your property.

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